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 Our philosophy on dress codes is that young dancers should simply be wearing dancewear which is optimal for learning. Our goal is to have the lines of each young dancer visible to their instructors as well as to encourage a sense of pride in dressing as professional dancers do. We understand that kids have many different body types and our school encourages every child to dance!  We do not aspire to any single aesthetic in our students. Our older classes are offered options which will allow maturing dancers to be completely comfortable and to relax and have fun in class! 



General Dress Code for LJD

Please note we welcome our young dancers to wear clothing that best represents their gender identity

or any combination of these options that makes them comfortable. 

Dance wear traditionally suggested for girls: 


Creative Ballet, Intro to Ballet and Mommy and Me:  Any solid color leotard or ballet dance dress in pink or black.  Pink tights and ballet shoes


Ballet I:  Any solid color leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes.  Pink or black ballet skirt is optional.


Ballet II and III: Any solid color leotard or form fitting dance top (LJD t-shirts are acceptable), pink or black tights (tights should have convertible bottoms) or black leggings.  Ballet shoes are required.  Black ballet skirt is optional.


Contemporary I, II:  Black Leggings or black tights (tights should have convertible bottoms).  Any color leotard and/or form fitting dance tank top (no mid drifts may be exposed).  Dancers must wear ballet shoes.  No bare feet.  LJD t-shirt is also acceptable.


Contemporary III and Student Performance Company:  Black Leggings, form fitting black dance pants, or black tights.  Leotards and/or form fitting dance tank tops are acceptable (no exposed mid drifts.)  LJD t-shirts may be worn.  Black dance shorts may be worn over tights or leggings.  All dancers must have ballet shoes, no bare feet.  If older dancers already own flat slip on jazz shoes these are also acceptable.

Dance wear traditionally suggested for boys: ALL Classes 


Black dance pants, leggings or tights, white or black t-shirt, black ballet shoes.  Black athletic shorts may be worn over tights or leggings.


 DANCE WEAR is available from Capezio. There is a very nice Capezio store in Clark NJ and of course in NYC. 

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