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“Johnson is a craftsman and a poet; her works, which stress the ensemble and attend closely to the music, have an ebb and flow in addition to a strong emotional current. The basis

of her technique is ballet, and her dancers are strong."                  

The New Yorker Magazine


“What seems to count most for Ms. Johnson is music. The four pieces on the program all showed uncommon skill at matching ballet movement to music,

both at the large scale of structure and in small, felicitous details.”  

                                                  Brian Seibert, The New York Times       


“For musicality and fine structuring, few people currently choreographing in the New York dance scene can compare with Lydia Johnson.

There is thought, passion and tenderness in her work,

and a depth of musical resonance that is very satisfying to behold.” 

 Philip Gardner, Oberon’s Grove

 “In dance that challenges the mind as well as the heart, Lydia Johnson often isolates and reworks components of classical ballet technique to create a sense of

life flowing unhurriedly over mysterious human stories.”

        Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times 

“This ballet-based, contemporary-inflected company is musically incisive and nuanced. What counts, apparently, besides effortless musicality, is making a connection…

Like all her dances, one view is not really enough to absorb

the subtle musical nuances and underlying dramatic grace notes.”

Mary Cargil, Dance View Times 

“Lydia Johnson is a true original whose choreography repays close attention.

The new and recent dances she presented were fascinating in the way they

isolated and reworked components of classical ballet …

Fleeting duets and solo passages are embedded in the flow and

the shifts from unison to individual choreography add to the texture.

There is no discernible narrative,

but you sense the unfolding of some fundamental human story.”

Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times


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