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The middle school and early high school years are an ideal time for activities that enhance confidence and provide a base for creative and original ideas. The LJD dance community has dancers of every level from beginners to advanced, all working toward their personal best. 


Many students at this age have wonderfully inventive ideas, but there are very few programs in which they are encouraged to expand on them! Our program develops not only dance skills but also the ability to create well structured dances! Through class discussion and the sharing of ideas, our students experience art, architecture, nature, and music more intensely, as they become more aware of the beauty and form in all areas of human endeavor. 

Dance at this age can form friendships that last for years and give students a sense of place and identity deeply needed during middle and high school. 

"Dancing at the Lydia Johnson Dance School is a unique and important experience that I'm grateful my daughters have had! Through the years, they have grown not just as dancers but as people."

LJD Parents Tracy & Todd S.

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