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                          DANCE CAMP 2024 SCHEDULE, TUITION,  TEENS 



The Schedule and Tuition for Dance Camp 2024

M-F July 15- 19 and/or July 22-26. Register for 1 or 2 weeks.

Tuition: For Rising 2nd graders or at least 6 Years through 7th grade as regular campers.

1 week: $415 and 2 weeks: $800

See below for Intern Information

Schedule: M-F 8:45am-12:30pm- Bring a snack, water bottle and bag lunch except on special pizza days!


TEEN INTERNS: Rising 7th or 8th grade though 12th grade.

Our summer interns are similar to CIT's or Counselors at traditional non-arts camps.

Our tuition scale reflects this approach. 

Schedule:  M-F 8:30am-12:30 OR 2:00pm- Bring a snack, water bottle and bag lunch except on special pizza days!

 The schedule for Interns will be: 8:45-12:30 as assistants in the younger dancers’ program.  During this time our teens will have the opportunity to experience leading warm- up sequences, participating in the joyful all -camp warm- up and basic class, and then guiding their own small group of younger dancers as they make dances. Our Interns always have fun setting up and managing camp traditions like Pizza Day and special events like our all- camp name games or rock and roll dance party!


Additional Teen Add- On workshop.  

Elevate Your Artistry and Craft:  Exclusive Intern Technique and Choreography Add-On.

Daily 12:30- 2:00 we will focus exclusively on our teens! Some days we will have 45 minutes of a technique class and 45 minutes of choreography while some days will focus exclusively on advanced choreographic skills. This program requires a separate additional tuition fee of $175 per week for dancers accepted into it. Some Interns may choose to do the 8:30-12:30 part of the day and not stay for the Elevate Your Artistry and Craft add on.


All teens who would like to be Interns must apply. First a parent should set up a time to talk with Lydia to explore if the program is a good match for your teen. A follow up discussion for each teen with Lydia will assure that the program is a good match on both sides.


FEES for Interns:

For 7th & 8th grades (similar to CITs at regular camps) Interns pay full price for Camp unless on Scholarship or Work Study

 For 9th & 10th grades: Tuition can be reduced depending on how experienced and well matched a teen is.

For rising 11th &12th graders ( similar to camp counselors) who are accepted Interns do not pay tuition and are paid a stipend.


ALL of our dance students and intern families can reach out for information

on our Scholarship and Work Study programs.

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