Policies for OUTDOOR Classes in June 2021


Please read this information in full.  

We are so happy to be able to offer these OUTDOOR dance classes! We love the idea of dancing outside and of seeing our wonderful young dancers again! 

In order to safely hold these classes, we have put much thought and care into the arrangements. There must be safety protocols and emergency procedures put into place. PLEASE be aware that our staff has to remain socially distanced from your child and cannot touch your child. If a child is unhappy or crying, we can only talk to them from a distance and that will be difficult for all of us. Some children may not feel comfortable in this environment, and if that's the case please let us know.


The classes will take place on the side Patio at The Burgdorff Center, If the sun is very hot on the patio we will move to side yard so be sure to look for the class there. 10 Durand Rd Maplewood NJ.


Parking is always a challenge in Maplewood Village. There are scattered spots in town or at the train station. It may be best to park on one of the streets leading into town. PLEASE do NOT double park and let your child out in front of the building. This is dangerous and creates congestion. All children preschool through 5th grade must be walked to and from Burdgorff. Starting in 6th grade we understand kids may be coming and going through the Village on their own.  


Please don't arrive early.  There is only a 15-minute break between classes for the first class to gather their things and exit before the second class arrives. Please enter and exit quickly  - thank you. 



Color spots for safe spacing will be placed well over 6 ft apart. The spots will be spritzed with Comet spray between classes, but there should be no need to touch them with hands. 


Please wait at a distance from other families (masks required) on the front lawn of Burgdorff.  Our Interns will call each child's name and give that child time to connect to their grown up before calling the next child.  We cannot release a child until we see that their grown up is there. This also allows us to maintain safe distancing for everyone. Please be patient and allow us time for this safe dismissal protocol. 


Sneakers or athletic shoes are needed for dancing on the flagstones. Please wear NON -BAGGY dance wear or form-fitting T-shirts and leggings (or form-fitting shorts if it's hot). Hair MUST be pulled away from each dancer's face. Please bring a warm sweatshirt if it's chilly. A mask is required at ALL times. Please test your child's mask. We cannot have dancer participate if a mask keeps falling down off their noses. We will not be doing many aerobic exercises, and any will be for a few minutes only.

Please don't send your child with belongings or backpack if at all possible. Personal water bottles can be placed near each dancer.   


Please realize if your child needs a bathroom a parent or caregiver MUST go into Burgdorff with them. Our staff can NOT go into the building with children. The bathroom we can use is downstairs and does not have ventilation. If a child tells us they must use a bathroom we will CALL the primary cell number on your account and the child must wait until you arrive. So it's important every dancer goes to the bathroom before leaving home.


Being outside, socially distanced AND in masks is following the most stringent guidelines available. 

Of course, if a child has ANY symptoms, even if they are minor and we would have assumed they were nothing before COVID19, PLEASE keep them home. For the good of all of us, we must follow these guidelines.

If a dancer expresses feeling unwell, we will have them walk to the side and we will call your EMERGENCY NUMBER. As with bathroom issues, we simply cannot leave the area, and all we can do is talk to the child to help them relax and assure them we are reaching their parents. 

BAD WEATHER:  CLASS WILL BE HELD ON ZOOM at the regular time. 

If the weather is too bad or risky, as in predicted thunderstorms, and we cannot hold class outside, we will send a ROBO-TEXT and a ROBO-EMAIL to the number and email you have as your primary contact in Dance Studio Pro.  A ZOOM link will be sent in the robo email if we have to move to Zoom due to weather.

Action Steps Required:

1. Emergency Cell Numbers: 

All families must go to their Registration account and be sure the cell number is the correct one for this situation. Please change the number to one that the appropriate grown up will have with them with the ringer on. This number will be the one called should your dancer feel unwell or need to use a bathroom. 

2. Fill out the Google Form sent to you to state you have read and agree with these guidelines. 


We look forward to joyful dancing at The Burgdorff!

LJD Team