Lydia Johnson Dance School POLICIES


Our school and professional company are a not- for-profit 501-C3 organization. As such we give $20,000 annually in scholarships to local children. Our Creative Approach includes student choreography and is an alternative to commercial dance education. To understand how our fees are structured see OUR FEES. To read ABOUT our creative approach to dance Education SEE OUR APPROACH


Calendar and Schedule

  • The LJD school year will consist of two full semesters (Fall and Spring) and a shorter mini 4 week session in January. Summer Camp is offered in July for three weeks.

  • Fall and Spring full Semesters run for 13 weeks.

  • Student Performing Company will follow its own schedule and number of weeks, set by the director and is subject to change depending on performance dates.

  • LJD follows the South Orange/Maplewood School Calendar.  If school is canceled, so are dance classes.  If the after school activities in the district are cancelled then we also cancel our classes that day. We make every attempt to robo-text and robo-email in case of closures. Be sure you have given us the main cell number and email you would like to receive notifications on.  If SOMA has a half-day, our studio is usually open. 

  • You should check our website for class dates. All dates will be on a website page titled “Class Dates” Please put these class dates in your planner as we cannot answer ongoing emails and texts about dates.

Registration and Refunds

  • Students register online and pay in full before the first class. 

  • Payment plans may be arranged by request. Please email us.  

  • LJD offers a full refund after the first class.  We offer a refund of the semester fee minus $30 after the second class and a refund of the semester fee minus $100 after the third class. There are no refunds offered after the third class of the semester. However, of course if a family emergency has arisen please let us know.

  • LJD is happy to offer a trial class at no charge if there is space in the class. If a class looks like it will fill its best to register and then receive a refund if its not a good match.  If the student then registers for the semester the family is responsible for paying for the remainder of the semester including the trial class. 

  • LJD offers a $10 multi-class discount off each additional class registered for in the same semester, after the first class, by the same student.  We offer a $10 sibling discount for each additional sibling registered in the same semester.

  • LJD offers Scholarships to families who are having financial difficulties. We are committed to allowing all of our local children to experience the joy of dance regardless of their financial situation. Please email us to inquire at :

  • EMERGENCY PROVISIONS: LJD School reserves the right, in the case of natural disaster, pandemic type flu or other "acts of god" type events which necessitate the closing of the school for multiple days to revise and create a policy which allows a small portion of the tuition to be allocated as a credit. Refunds would not be possible as the expenses of the Company and School would continue, including but not limited to, our commitments to all our administrative staff, dance teachers and dancers. 


  • Due to the small number of classes we offer (our classes are offered only once per week) we are sorry we cannot offer a make-up for a child who has missed a class due to illness or family scheduling issues.  Most children will miss a class during the semester and this does not impact their learning.

  • If a class is missed due to weather or an emergency cancellation, it will be made up at the end of the semester. 


What to wear

  • Please see our Dress Code Page with info about our Online Store where you can purchase dance wear items at a discount.

Performances and Open Classes 

  • At the end of the Fall Semester all classes will have an Open Class where family and friends can come and watch what the children have learned and the choreography they have created.

  • At the conclusion of the Spring Semester, students in levels 1 and up will have an evening Showing of Student Choreography for family and friends. An alternative to traditional recitals, our unique evening performances highlights the creative work of our students. A small suggested donation helps to cover the cost of renting the venue. The evening showings will take place on the stage at The Woodland.  Intro level and preschool classes will have an Open Class at the end of the Spring Semester. 

  • Level 1 and up students will be asked to commit to the Spring Showing by March so choreography groups can be created and maintained. We will send an email with information and reminders on this.

  • Please remember that there are no costume fees at LJD.

  • We advise NOT to bring siblings under 5 to the Open Classes and Showings of Student Choreography. It’s unfair to the young dancers to have their long- awaited performances disrupted by babies or toddlers. Siblings having difficulty focusing may be asked to wait in the hall so the children performing can focus and do their best.



  • Children must be dropped off and picked up on time.  We do not have aftercare options.

  • Please do not allow your child to cross Woodland Street in either direction alone in an attempt to get to or from parked cars at pick up or drop off.

  • Parents of children in the early elementary grades and all preschool dancers should walk into the building WITH their children and escort their children out after class. We cannot dismiss children and allow them to walk into the Village until 6th grade and with a note from a parent.

  • After an initial adjustment period for preschoolers (1 or 2 classes at most) we ask that parents do not watch classes.  Having children take class independently builds confidence and helps the flow of the class for all children.  In case of separation issues please contact Lydia.

  • Children should change out of their dance shoes before exiting the building.

  • Please alert our staff of any allergies or medical concerns.  We are not responsible for any medical care, but will do our best to make sure that children are kept safe and food is not shared.  We will call the emergency number we have on file if an emergency should occur as well as 911. 


  • In addition to spots at the train station, in front of the building and the angle parking on the main street, there are spots on Woodland Road going away from town as well as in The Woodland facility lot (60 Woodland Road), which are a very short walk to the Burgdorff building.

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